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We are a Scarborough Maine Chiropractic Office that specializes in musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as: neck and low back pain, TMJ, nerve pain, headaches/migraines, hip and knee pain, muscle pain, and much more. Our mission is to treat every person individually with customized treatments, while providing you with long lasting results through muscle conditioning, diet, and proper biomechanics.

Welcome To Mend Health and Wellness of Scarborough Maine

About Our Office

Mend Health and Wellness for Sports Medicine is dedicated to non-surgical chiropractic management of Sports and Musculoskeletal injuries. Our office is located in Scarborough Maine. We are located at 605 US Route 1, Suite G at the Dunstan Corner and Broadturn intersection providing convenient access for patients in Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Falmouth, Westbrook, Windham, Saco and Biddeford.

Our mission is to Keep You Moving and provide Exceptional chiropractic services. Treatments we provide include chiropractic adjustments, pre and post-surgical care, myofascial release, massage, therapeutic ultrasound, game ready cryotherapy, corrective rehab exercises, sports specific training and nutritional counseling.

If you’ve been looking for a chiropractic physician in the Greater Portland Maine area, let our experienced Chiropractors in Scarborough Maine determine what’s ailing you. We offer expert diagnosis and compassionate care from an independent, family-run, family-friendly clinic.
  • How Are You Different From Other Chiropractors?
    A: What set’s Mend Health and Wellness apart from other chiropractic providers is the various treatment modalities and extra training our doctors have pursued. Traditionally people think of chiropractors as only manipulating the spine. While Dr Tracey and Dr Victor both find great value in spinal manipulation, it is just one of the many tools our doctors use to help get people better. Also at our office you will notice an emphasis on muscle work and corrective rehab concepts. For a typical appointment our doctors spend twice as much time performing muscle work as manipulation.
  • Do I Need a Referral To Make An Appointment?
    You do not need a referral to see one of our doctors. As primary care chiropractic physicians we are able to render a diagnosis and treat conditions within our scope of practice without the need for a referral.
  • What Is Your Approach For Each Patient?
    A: We favor a hands-on approach in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. While medications, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, etc. have their place; they do nothing to fix the issue, let alone its source. Most musculoskeletal problems follow a common pattern: pre-existing muscle imbalances (tight vs. weak,) causing joint dysfunction and further muscle irritation. Typically it is the joint dysfunction, muscle imbalance and muscle irritation that causes the pain, which therefore brings people in for treatment.
  • What Is Myofascial Release?
    A: Soft tissue mobilization is a manual method of treatment. The thumbs, fingers, hands and elbows of the provider may be used to apply pressure to the various muscles. This often occurs with the patient actively involved in some form of motion. The amount of pressure that is provided varies with the diagnosis, age of the patient, overall health of the patient, and consideration of the patient’s goals and the provider’s goals. The method of treatment performed addresses all the soft tissues surrounding the involved joint or region.
  • Are X-Rays needed before I am Treated?
    No X-Rays are not required to be treated. Imaging is only needed when a diagnoses may need further work up to rule in or out pathology. We also refer out our imaging to a radiologist who has pursed additional training in radiology.
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How We Help

Our approach utilizes a combination of joint manipulation and soft tissue treatment. Our treatment encourages the joints and soft tissue structures of the body to reach there complete end-range position. This will assist in eliminating unnecessary stresses on the body and remove restrictions in the soft tissues that can produce pain and limit performance. Our doctors have been trained in a very specialized form of hands-on soft tissue therapy called Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASM) and Myofascial Release Technique protocols (MRT). Contact us to learn more.

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What Our Patients Say
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    If you are looking for the best all around chiropractic care, I would without a doubt refer you to Dr. Victor and Dr. Tracey they rock!
    Nicole D.
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    I've had shin splints over the past decade or so and after seeing Dr. Victor just 3 times my legs have never felt better.
    Larry B.
  • Stacks Image 25913
    Tracey St John is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. Her knowledge about the body goes beyond just bones and adjustments.
    Grace W.
  • Stacks Image 25917
    Probably the nicest chiropractors I have ever been to! You always get amazing individual attention and walk out feeling better than when you came in.
    Candy T.

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Communities We Serve

We are located in Scarborough ME, but our patients come from all over the Southern Maine Area including:
Portland | South Portland | Cape Elizabeth | Scarborough | Falmouth | Westbrook | Windham | Saco | Biddeford | Old Orchard | Freeport | Kennebunk | Sanford | Yarmouth

about us

We are professional chiropractors who specialize in soft tissue and performance training in Scarborough Maine

Schedule an appointment for an injury evaluation, nutrition consultation or fitness assessment with one of our well versed Doctors.

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Monday to Friday: 8:30am-5pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

Mend Health and Wellness
605 US Route 1., Suite G
Scarborough, ME 04074
Phone: (207) 289-6005
Email: info (at) gomendhealth (dot) com